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ECSIF @ the National Bank of Romania

ECSIF was honored to participate today at the National Bank of Romania at the "Romanian Economic Model in the European Union" Conference. Amazing speakers analysed the Romanian natural resources, minerals and financing, and their potential for capitalizing. I just mention President of Romania Emil Constantinescu, Vice President of the Financial Supervision Authority Mircea Ursache, ASPES President Constantin Bostina, Romania Durabila President Daniel Apostol and many others.

ECSIF & innovX promoted is newly invetsment - PwrX, an innovative platform for energy exchange that has the potential to upgrade dramatically the smart energy services realm in Europe and beyond. In a nutshell, PwrX is deploying services combining energy efficiency with other services, technologies and non-energy benefits, growing the up-take of innovative data gathering/ processing in monitoring and verification.

Many thanks to our host, Constantin Bostina, President of ASPES.

More to come soon...