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ECSIF invited to the Market Open Ceremony @ London Stock Exchange

ECSIF Co-founders Dr. Dumitrescu Diana Valentina & Dr. Dumitrescu Daniel Ioan Fintech Investors invited @ London Stock Exchange Market Opening

ECSIF Co-Founders, Dr. Diana Valentina Dumitrescu & Dr. Daniel Ioan Dumitrescu have been invited by the London Stock Exchange to the Market Open Ceremony. The event take place each day at 8am at London Stock Exchange Headquarter in Paternoster Square. European Center for Services Investments and Financing - ECSIF Ltd., was invited, along other Fintech Investors, to open the market in the presence of MP Robert Jenrick - Exchequer Secretary to the Treasury.

The forum was marking the growing importance of London as the leading global hub in Fintech, atracting for listing on the stock exchange high growth potential companies from all arround the world. The event was followed by the presentations of some extraordinary Fintech companies from North America, Israel, China, Turkey. As former evaluators with the European Commission on innovation programmes and partners of Innovate UK Agency, ECSIF designed a special package of services and investments for the companies that graduated the Elite Growth programme and pitched @ the Fintech Investment Forum 2018.

A big thanks for our hosts: Dr. Robert Barnes - CEO of Turqoise - LSEG, Mr. James Clark - Head of Tech and Lifesciences, Ms. Justine Zwerling - Head of Primary Markets Israel at London Stock Exchange Group.

ECSIF - European Center for Services Investments and Financing specialised in providing services for European Financial Institutions. Fin-Tech startup or a well established Financial Institution, we assist you in seizing the European Opportunities of the moment. From training to recruiting, from consulting, project implementation, to outsourcing and financial optimisation, ECSIF delivers highly specialised services for the European Financial Actors. Our clients expertise range from banks, to guarantee funds, European finance, stock exchanges, capital markets, and money transfer. European Center for Services Investments and Financing - ECSIF Ltd. is going further to fulfil its mission by investing own or attracted funds in the development of European innovative companies. Our range of investments, vary from acceleration stage Start-ups to early IPO - successful SMEs. We selectively invest in the following innovative industries: Fin Tech, Energy Tech, Health Tech.

MARKET OPEN CEREMONIES take place each day at 8am at London Stock Exchange Headquarters in Paternoster Square. Hosted by a Senior Executive from London Stock Exchange Group, the ceremony offers companies joining London Stock Exchange's markets the opportunity to mark their success on the day of their admission. Historically a bell or electronic bell marked the beginning of the trading day on London Stock Exchange's trading floor. In 1986 however, the deregulation of the market and dissolution of the trading floor saw an end to this long standing tradition. In 2011, London Stock Exchange launched a new installation that would revive this celebrated tradition in London. New companies, issuers and member firms have joined charities and leading public figures in participating in this unique event, marking the start of trading on the world's most international market. Over 500 high definition LED screens make up the three-story installation. Market movement and prices are displayed throughout the day using real time data. The bespoke market opening mechanism is launched using an engraved glass tablet which is given to the individual opening the market as a memento of the day.

ELITE GROWTH is a programme and platform designed to help ambitious companies scale up, structure for growth and investment to create new jobs, and be more competitive in the global marketplace. ELITE combines education, business support, mentoring and access to expertise and funding: A comprehensive programme for founders and managers stimulating organisational review and change; Focus on your company specific goals and implement change based on best practices and frameworks shared by the advisory community; Be part of an extensive ecosystem of business leaders, entrepreneurs, academics, advisers, investors and stakeholders; Capitalise on the support and expertise to access a range of funding options, including ELITE’s own professional investor platform. Since launching in 2012, ELITE has grown into a unique ecosystem of 800+ companies from 35 sectors from around the world.