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ECSIF co-founders interview in Fast Track Entrepreneur - the new book of Paul Oberschneider

As ECSIF Co-founders, we are happy to announce our contribution to the new book of Paul Oberschneider - "Fast Track Entrepreneur'' published on November 2017, at the Harriman House - UK's leading independent publisher of finance,trading and investment books.

As experts in finance, Daniel and Diana Dumitrescu have been interviewed about the different types of funding available to start-ups, presenting the common ones: bank credits, investments and continuing with alternative solutions like crowd funding or RDI EU grants.

About the author of Fast Track Entrepreneur:

Paul Oberschneider is a property developer and financier with a 30-year track record in property development, asset management and financial structuring of real estate. Oberschneider built one of the largest fully integrated real estate advisory and investment businesses in Central and Eastern Europe. He was one of the largest commercial property developers in the region from 1993-2010 building over 3.2 million square feet of commercial retail centres, as well as a portfolio of residential and a hotel portfolio across three countries. Oberschneider consistently delivered successful returns to a diverse investor base of institutional investors as well as private family offices and HNW joint venture partners. Oberschneider recently launched a private equity debt platform and is the co founder of the Wimmer Real Estate Debt Fund. In 2015 Oberschneider published Why Sell Tacos in Africa, a book about his experience in building businesses in emerging markets, and recently launched a new book called the Fast Track Entrepreneur to be published in January 2018. Both books have been published by Harriman House Publishers. You can purchase the book here.