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European Center for Services Investments and Financing - ECSIF Ltd. specialised in providing services for European Financial Institutions. Fin-Tech startup or a well established Financial Institution, we assist you in seizing the European Opportunities of the moment. From training to recruiting, from consulting, project implementation,  to outsourcing and financial optimisation, ECSIF delivers highly specialised services for the European Financial Actors. Our clients expertise range from banks, to guarantee funds, European finance, stock exchanges, capital markets, and money transfer.

Adult Education Course


The transformative learning experiences at European Center for Services Investments and Financing are designed to help our students grow both in and out of the classroom. Founded in 2000, ECSIF grew to become a trully European educational and consulting organisation, delivering trainings in European Finance throught the continent in London, Madrid, Bucharest, Warsaw, Tel-Aviv, Geneve, Zurich, Stockholm, Bristol, Manchester, Edinburgh, Birmingham and so on. With more than 340 attendees in 2017, ECSIF delivered in-house training in European Grants Accession, Projects Evaluation, Project Management, Public Procurement, Trainer of Trainees, Risk Administration, Credit Analysing, Banking Consultant. Based on more than 3 years of complex doctoral research, our new 2018 courses are designed in a simple and accessible manner in order to help you reach your full potential. Are you ready to become an Expert on SME Instrument and Innov FIN, then join our most popular courses and become an European Financial Expert!

Business Team


European Center for Services Investments and Financing - ECSIF Ltd. delivers  flexible and cost effective solutions for an optimal implementation of your Fin Tech or REG Tech Projects. We can deliver in-house and remote teams for domestic or European markets. Our clients, European Financial Institutions, benefit of our expertise in a flexible way, receiving European Financial Experts when needed on a project based way. We deal with the complexity of Fin Tech and Reg Tech projects, so you can concentrate on your core business. All in a cost-effective way, bringing our expertise in a flexible and convenient manner. Only to name a few, in 2018, we deal with the requirements of MIFID II, AnaCredit, Corep, Finrep, Cirbe, Remit and so on.

Stock Market Graph


This year we have partenered with Google Campus network and sent dedicated teams to London, Madrid, Tel Aviv and Warsaw. Our managed projects ranged from innovative money transfer solutions for Transfer Rapid Ltd. to development of energy financial instruments platform, under MIFID II regulation, for Romanian Commodities Exchange to an alternative system of electronic auctions for BRM Consulting. Our lasts projects are an outsourcing one for Societe Generale European Business Services, consisting in the implementation of ANA Credit project for German and Louxemburg members of SG Group and outsourcing the implementation of clearing services for derivative instruments for the introduction of an European Central Counterparty in Romania.

Discussing the Numbers


Our financial optimisation services improve the overall indicators of our clients by recommending opportunities to follow in the management process and the implementation of methodologies related to cost reductions. The ECSIF solution uses computational algorithms and big data analysis to identify the best available sources of finance for development and the cost categories that can be reduced in a significant manner. By accessing ECSIF services our last client successfully doubled its income in 2017 and improved its profitability by 300%; all by identifying development opportunities and lowering the functioning costs.

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