From Fin Tech start-ups to well established Financial Institutions


Whether you are an early Fin-Tech startup or a well established Financial Institution, we assist you in seizing the European Opportunities of the moment. ECSIF delivers highly specialised consulting services for raising European funds for EU Financial Institutions. Our clients expertise range from banks, to guarantee funds, EU agencies, stock exchanges, capital markets, and money transfer.

Innov FIN training in Spain


Raise funds for your Finanacial Institution

Funded from the Horizon 2020 budget, Innov FIN Financial Instruments are designed to extend the financing of innovative SMEs through Financial Intermediaries. From 2014, ECSIF Experts have been involved in drafting proposals for administrating Financial Instruments for innovative SMEs. In 2017, after concluding the contract on Horizon 2020 with the European Commission, ECSIF lounched a new tailored training based on the findings of our doctoral research on Innov FIN Financial Instruments. We wellcomme banks, venture capital funds and guarantee funds to learn relevant insights on how to draft a succesfull Innov FIN application!

Writing successful Innov FIN Proposals


  • Proposal Writting: 9999 Euro + 3% Success Fee

Improoving Proposals:

  • Initial Proposal Evaluation and Recomandations: 5999 Euro

  • Resubmited Proposal Evaluation and Recomandation: 4999 Euro

ECSIF consultancy method was developed over three years of doctoral research, during which ECSIF team studied the successful elements of European Financial Instruments. After evaluating hundreds of European projects on competitiveness, including the Horizon 2020 - SME Instrument and Innov FIN, and research all the available open database comprising thousands of projects on innovation, ECSIF managed to translate the results of the doctoral research in a consultancy system designed to maximize the chances of being successful on applications for the Horizon 2020 - Innov FIN program.

The result is an integrated toolbox for European Financial Institutions wishing to develop their business through European Funds. After more than 4 years working as financial expert for the European Commission on Horizon 2020, lots of courses on the SME Instrument and Innov FIN throughout Europe, beginning with 2018 we will come with new services for the Innov FIN in order to help innovative Financial Institutions reach their full potential through European funds!